James D. Amberger: Bio

My facebook profile now says this:

The further away from its basic mission this damned site gets the less inclined I am to put any information on it. I’ll put up a bio on my website, complete with a picture of my face.
So, as promised, here is my bio. My old facebook profile was written long after facebook had lost its original utility as a simple way of gleaning basic biographical and contact information about people, and as a result what I had written on it served more to obfuscate than to inform—my “Activites”, for example, were listed as “rockstar, Apollo 13, shiftlessness”. While I did briefly belong to a group known as Apollo 13, shiftlessness is arguably not an activity per se, and whatever aspects of my life are akin to that of a rockstar, public musical performance is not (often) one of them. My interests were set down thus: “snowboard, grease fires, fires, Civilization 2, boobs, jumping over stuff, strange women, philosophy, the culinary arts, prose, roofing, bourbon.” I continue to find all of these things interesting, but it doesn’t give one a very good idea of how I actually spend my time. What follows will hopefully be more useful.


I was born on Staten Island, went to high school on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and then to college in Binghamton, New York, where I earned a BS in Economics and a reputation for aggressiveness, rhetorical and otherwise. From there I moved to Miskolc, Hungary, where I taught English, ate liver and paprika, learned Hungarian, and got thrown out of bars. When I came back to New York in 2007 I began my training with the Fire Department. I moved to the Park Slope section of Brooklyn and started hosting couchsurfers. Then I enrolled in Brooklyn Law School. Recently I moved to Cobble Hill. That about brings you up to speed.

Contact Info

Email: jim@jimamberger.name
Telephone: +1 917 273 9603
XMPP jim.amberger@gmail.com
AIM Defrancoj
Skype Defrancoj

Education and Employment History

Firefighter, FDNY, Ladder Co. 11 (March 2007 - Present)
Brooklyn Law School ’13
Binghamton University ’06, B.S. Economics
Hunter College High School ’02


Couchsurfing. Piano. Language and Literature: Russian, Hungarian, and my favorite, English. Programming. Web hosting and design. Windsurfing. Snowboarding. Ice hockey. Basketball. Soccer. Political economy.

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