Email: jim+couchsurfing@jimamberger.name

CS profile: http://couchsurfing.com/people/Defrancoj

Me, my place, and Couchsurfing.

I have been hosting couchsurfers since 2007. I've had hundreds of guests and my attitude is, the more the merrier. It gets crowded sometimes, but there's also the opportunity to have a great time with other couchsurfers.

So you want to stay here

If you want me to host you, email me: jim+couchsurfing@jimamberger.name

If you do these things, I will definitely answer you.

If you want to stay a week, just say so. If you want to stay overnight and bail in the morning, say so. I'll probably be fine with it. If you already know when and how you will arrive in New York, let me know in that first message so I can figure out where I'll be at that time and advise you accordingly.

Ideal notice is one week. I won't promise to host you months in advance. You can introduce yourself if you like and then ask again a week before your arrival. You may also write me at the last minute; I've bailed out more than a few couchsurfers whose other plans fell through. If I can do it, I'll do it.

Whether I host you or someone else does, let it be known that all hosts appreciate things like dishwashing, keeping the place stocked with toilet paper, taking out the garbage, and anything else you can think of to keep the place running smoothly. Hosting is a joy, but it is also a strain on household sanity.

So I told you you could stay here

I live in Cobble Hill, within walking distance of just about every subway line in the city at the Jay Street and Borough Hall stops. If I agree to host you, I'll usually direct you to the firehouse (if I'm going to be working when you arrive) or else I'll give you my address.